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    Full range of both
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Products / Laparoscopic products / Suction and Irrigation set

Comfort and control, are the main features of the EVOMED Suction Irrigation system, which is designed to provide various flow rates during laparoscopy procedures. The system is easy to set up and use as a multi-purpose operating tool with irrigation and suction capabilities. The double sealing valve systems, offers precision operation of the suction and irrigation functions while preventing leakage.
High capacity tubing, allows the easy flow of fluids and masses through the entire system, practically eliminating clogging.

-    Ergonomic valve ensures surgeon comfort and control.
-    Immediate response and smooth action of rapid return pistons
-    Versatile with 5 mm probe and easy probe exchange.
-    Matt shaft eliminates operative glare.
-    High smooth flow and clog-free Valve.
-    Light weight and leak free.
-    Atraumatic, round ended shaft with side-to side distal aspiration holes
-    Irrigation button allows simple and safe liquid/tissue/clot/stones flushing
-    Easy incorporation of 5 mm or less, instruments through the fluid and gas seal.
-    In case of inadvertent aspiration, the distal tip shaft prevents tissue damage

Model Specification Material
SI-05 5 shaftx320 mm working Length Stainless, spring, plastic