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The EVOMED Disposable Circular Stapler, can easily and conveniently anastomose  organs by firing into the tissues of alimentary canal two staggered (interior and exterior) rings of titanium staples and cutting off inside tissue with the circular blades simultaneously.
The instrument is activated by squeezing the handles firmly as far as they will go. Immediately after staple formation, the knife blade resects the excess tissue, creating a circular anastomosis. The diameter of the staple line is determined by the selection of the 24mm, 26mm, 29mm, 32mm and 34mm stapler.
The EVOMED Disposable Circular Stapler is used throughout the alimentary tract for the creation of end-to-end, side-to-side and end-to-side anastomoses in both open and laparoscopic surgeries.
This EVOMED Disposable Circular Stapler is suitably used for Esophagus resection, gastrectomy surgery, small intestine and colon resection, low anterior rectal resection (LAR) and bariatric surgery.

 -The EVOMED Disposable Circular Stapler utilizes titanium staples in circular staggered assembly of two concentric rings inside the staples-containing cartridge.
 -It can be easily operated by complete squeeze of the trigger handle. (One hand firing)
 -The dimension of anastomosis is defined exclusively by the size of the selected circular staples-containing cartridge.
 -Compact construction and modern design concordant with high quality standards ensure for the patient and the user safety.
 -The stapler is available in a Complete range of sizes: 24mm, 26mm, 29mm, 32mm and 34mm

The Disposable Circular Stapler is available in diameters.

EVOMED Disposable Circular Stapler

Model Size of Staple Approximate closed Staple height Shell outside diameter Number of staples Tissue compression requirement
OCS-24 4.5mm 1.8mm 24mm 18 1.8mm
OCS-26 4.8mm 2.0mm 26mm 20 2.0mm
OCS-29 4.8mm 2.0mm 29mm 24 2.0mm
OCS-32 5.0mm 2.2mm 32mm 30 2.2mm
OCS-34 5.0mm 2.2mm 34mm 32 2.2mm