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The EVOMED Disposable Circular Stapler For Hemorrhoids and accessories are a set of instruments commonly used in the PPH (Procedure for Prolapse and Hemorrhoids) procedure. PPH is a technique that reduces the prolapse (enlargement) of hemorrhoidal tissue. With the PPH procedure, patients experience less pain and recover faster than patients who undergo conventional hemorrhoidectomy procedures.

PPH is a minimally invasive surgical approach and may help patients recover from hemorrhoid surgery faster with less pain when compared to conventional hemorrhoidectomy procedures.

Clinical trial results comparing Procedure for Prolapse and Hemorrhoids to conventional hemorrhoids surgery have shown that patients who have the PPH procedure may experience:

 -less pain
 -a quicker recovery period
 -less overall complications
 -need for less postoperative pain medication

The PPH procedure was first introduced in Italy in 1997.ZSince then, it has become a common procedure around the world for the surgical treatment of hemorrhoids. The procedure was first introduced in the United States in October 2001.

Key features and benefits of EVOMED Disposable Circular Stapler For Hemorrhoids

  -Stop bleeding more efficiently
  -Larger and deeper internal housing volume
  -Can accommodate more tissues, remove more rectal mucous and sub-mucous
  -Integrated anvil rod
  -Stronger anvil rod, prevents operation failure caused by leaning of the anvil rod
  -Adjustable – accommodates various tissue thicknesses
  -Reliable – tissue compression is controlled
  -Safe – fixed anvil mitigates accidental detachment
  -Closed staple height of 0.75mm-1.5mm – designed to increase staple line compression on tissue and key blood vessels
  -Quick-close adjusting knob – allows rapid instrument open and close while maintaining controlled tissue compression
  -Suture-threader ports – allow easy retrieval of suture through instrument housing
  -Anoscope – reference markings for enhanced visualization of the anatomy and  precise placement of the purse-string sutures.

1.    Significantly reduce the postoperative pain
2.    Significantly reduce the postoperative bleeding
3.    Significantly shorter hospitalization
4.    Significantly speed up the recovery time
5.    Significantly reduce medical costs
6.    Simpler,faster and safer

Material: Titanium
Accessories: Anorectal dilator Anorectal transfixion tool Anorectal introducer Hook
The EVOMED Disposable Circular Stapler For Hemorrhoids is available in diameters.

EVOMED Disposable Circular Stapler For Hemorrhoids

Model Size of staple Approximete
closed staple
Shell outside
Number of
Tissue compression
CSH-32 3.8mm 1.5mm 32mm 32 1.5mm
CSH-34 3.8mm 1.5mm 34mm 34 1.5mm